PhD Programme in

Institutions and business: 

value, rules and social responsibility

University of Brescia

Department of Economics and Management

BUSINESS AND LAW. Institutions and business: value, rules and social responsibility


The PhD Programme in "Business and Law" aims at integrating the tools of economics analysis with the the legal methodology through an inter-disciplinary and multidisciplinary approach. The purpose of the PhD Programme is to endow doctoral students with an in-depth understanding of the transformation in action within the complex contexts in which both public accountability, and responsibility of businesses in the marketplace interact, as well as to enable them to contribute to the innovation of governance processes for social well-being and sustainability. 


The main outlets for a Ph.D. graduate are both research - in universities or public and private institutions - and self-employed professional activity, as well as work in companies or other entities, whether public or private, national or international. Therefore, the profile is suitable for covering high-level research positions both in the academic and managerial fields within public and private bodies, service sector companies, including financial services and utilities, industrial sector companies, as well as in the offices of public administration requiring interdisciplinary legal-business skills.


The PhD Programme is a third level study programme, accessible by holders of a University Degree achieved in Italy (Italian Laurea Specialistica o Laurea Magistrale) or a University Degree granted in Italy according to the Italian academic system prior to Ministerial Decree 509/1999, amended by the Ministerial Decree 270/2004. It is also accessible by holders of a Degree granted by a foreign University which is equivalent to an Advanced Degree (Italian Laurea Specialistica) or Master Degree (Italian Laurea Magistrale) or any equivalent (for duration and content) academic Master Degree.
At the end of the training and research programme, after passing the final exam, students will be awarded with the title of Doctor of Philosophy ("PhD").

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The PhD Programme is structured in three years:

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University of Brescia
Department of Economics and Management

The Department of Economics and Management was born in 2012 from the union of the Departments of the Faculty of Economics, which over the years have been able to integrate their scientific and teaching skills, developing innovative projects in the various fields of economics. The Department's Bachelor's and Master's degree programs provide a solid preparation aimed at understanding economic, business and financial systems. Teaching activities range from business disciplines to economics, law, quantitative and social-historical disciplines. Research activities reflect its multidisciplinary nature, with more than seventy researchers active in their areas of expertise. Over time, a growing proportion of them have accumulated significant research experience in international settings, assumed leadership roles in national and European scientific societies, and coordinated research projects of national and international significance. Scientific production has in many cases found its way into the most prestigious journals and publishers for the relevant disciplines, and is regularly presented at major conferences and workshops in the field. The Department hosts meetings of scientific societies and has a significant calendar of seminars with international speakers, also organized in collaboration with important research centers.

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